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  • Adults, teenagers & children of all levels welcome
  • £40 per hour,
  • £30 per 45mins
  • £20 per 30mins
  • Under-18s lessons correspond with school term times/holidays
  • Book weekly or per half term (5-7 weeks)*
  • 10% discount off a block of lessons paid upfront*
  • Trinity Rock and Pop grades
  • 24hr notice cancellation policy*
  • Fully equipped studio
  • Fully DBS (CRB) checked

(*Block payments are non-refundable but lessons cancelled with due notice can be rearranged within that half-term period. To be paid for before the first lesson. Lessons cancelled with less than 24 hours notice will be void)

  • Learning the drums, as with any instrument, take’s time and commitment and you will need regular access to an instrument if you want to improve, so it’s worth considering this before taking up lessons.

Each lesson will focus not only on WHAT music to play, but also WHY and HOW you should play it. I start from the ground up introducing the essential elements in a step-by-step approach that will not only have you playing straight away but will also give you an understanding of what to play and when. Also my experience as an Alexander Technique teacher informs my lessons and I teach my pupils to play with good posture and without excessive tension.

During a gig shortly after my first lesson, I found that I had greater control over the effects of stage fright, something I am very grateful for. As a drummer, the lessons with Alex have helped to identify postural habits that have blocked my potential and to develop a technique that harnesses power without creating excess physical tension. The benefits of the lessons have continued to unfold over time, and I am a calmer, more present individual as a result. I highly recommend Alex for his integrated approach to drumming and the Alexander Technique.”

Simon Hoy, Sept 2011